Ian Lloyd, front-end developer, web accessibility specialist

I'm a front-end web developer with a focus on web standards and accessibility. I'm also a lover of old air-cooled Volkswagens and the author of best-selling web beginners' book 'Build Your Own Web Site with HTML and CSS'.

I am currently in a contract (working as Accessibility Engineer for Apple) but may be available for front-end web development work ‒ on a contract basis ‒ from July 2019 onwards. I am based in Swindon, UK. Want to get in touch? Please use this contact form


Just a very small list of the few things on the web that I haven't let expire.

My travel writing:

I'm no Bill Bryson or Ernest Hemingway, but before we had kids, I used to find time to write about our holiday shenanigans. I'm also no designer, as these diaries below will attest!