NASA Collection

35 years ago I wrote to NASA asking for some info for a school project. I can’t remember exactly what I wrote but one day I got a very full envelope through the door.

Inside were loads of mission summaries and fact sheets and a good selection of large photos and photo cards.

Weirdly as I think about it now, this trove - which I’ve never got rid of through many house moves and clearouts - may be the thing that I’ve owned the longest in my life. How strange.

Ian Lloyd, June 2020


Photo Cards

Scans (as used in PDFs)

NASA Facts: Apollo/Soyuz Test Project

NASA Facts: Gemini Program

NASA Facts: LBJ Space Center Rev A

NASA Facts: LBJ Space Center Rev D

NASA Facts: Most Asked Questions About Space

NASA Facts: Project Mercury

NASA Facts: Skylab

NASA Facts: Space Benefits

NASA Facts: Space Shuttle Fold-out

NASA Facts: Space Shuttle Mission Summary 1984 - 41B thru 51A1

NASA Facts: Space Shuttle

NASA Information Summaries - The Early Years Mercury to Apollo/Soyuz

Orbiter Flights

Shuttle Mission Summary STS 1 through 9

Space Shuttle Mission Summary 51-C through 51-L

US Manned Space Flight Log