Time for a lazy day in Riva

Day 10, 28 Aug 2001

A lazy day today. No plans to go anywhere too far away, or do anything too strenuous. Just enjoy the sunshine.

Snorkelling practice

Another day, another swim in the pool. This time involved a crash course in snorkelling for Manda who had never tried it before. Having mastered that, we headed off to the lake and found a shady spot (it was very sunny). I went in search of a cheap dinghy for the day, then returned with a boat that probably wasn't designed to take my weight. Manda lay on top of the up-turned boat with the mask and snorkel on, watching the fish below the surface until the wind picked up and we called it a day. The water got very choppy very quickly, and the boat refused to stay in one place.

The lazy day had taken its toll, so I had a two-hour snooze (hard life, eh?). Later that evening we headed in to Riva and dropped in at an Internet Café. Can't remember what for, nothing was really that pressing, but all the same we found ourselves in 'The World's Emptiest Internet Café, Bowling Alley and Bar'. If it's one thing trying to get used to a foreign keyboard layout, it's a whole different matter trying to understand the Italian alerts that were on Windows. OK? Cancel? Who knows?

Following the evening meal, Manda dropped off early while I sat in the bar reading my book, surrounded by nuns.