Travel Update

26th September, UK.

Ian writes:

Well, there's been some progress on the travel plans. We haven't changed the route, but it looks like a bus ride from SanFran to LA will be long and tedious. Given that we are only spending a week in the US en route, a half (or almost whole) day is to much to take out so we'll probably end up flying - any suggestions for carriers? I though Southwest might be good.

Accommodation is already sorted for much of our early stints (US, Cairns done and dusted, looked into Fiji options but not yet booked) and there are some visas to arrange. So far I'm relaxed - we'll do most things in time. Or at least I sincerely hope we will!

I've decided that the best way to keep notes en route is to knock up a site in Dreamweaver (using it's fantastic templating facility) and do things manually. When we get a quiet stretch I'll update the site and then when we next get to an Internet Caf� I'll take those entries along on a USB key and keep my fingers crossed that I'm allowed to transfer to the PC so that I can upload to Blogger. Have not decided whether to post to this page or to post to a new dedicated 'on my travels' type page. What do you think?