Sleepy Day in Melbourne

22nd June, Melbourne, Australia

Ian writes:

Just as it was on the last boat journey across the Bass Straight, our morning start was obscenely early - we both awoke at 5am with all the people bustling around the boat getting ready for the 7am arrival in Melbourne. The crossing had been amazingly smooth - hard to believe that this stretch of water has got such a bad reputation based on last night's journey.

As soon as we departed, we made tracks for a caravan park. We opted for one that we had stayed in before out in a place called Rockbank. It is 25km outside the city, but close to a couple of people whom we intend to see before we leave, and is easy enough to find. It seemed crazy, in a way, to be checking in to a caravan park at 9am for that evening, surely the earliest we'd done that. But we had no great plans for the day except one - relax. One hour later both of us fell in to a much needed, near catatonic power sleep.

We managed to fit a film in to our oh-so hectic schedule, that being the excellent Shrek 2, but aside from that nothing much happened. No possums to feed, no near-accidents in Ethel, no extreme mountain weather to contend with. It was a lazy day, through and through.