The Tableland Falls

20th January, Innisfail and Yungaburra, Australia

Ian writes:

No platypuses last night and no platypuses this morning - Francis seemed disappointed not to have spotted any of these strange animals twice in a row.

We checked out of the hostel and made for Innisfail. The town of Innisfail is not high on a tourist's list of places to see, but the route there from Yungaburra offers plenty to see, namely the Curtain Fig Tree and the falls circuit.

The Curtain Fig Tree is just outside of Yungaburra and was formed when one tree effectively strangled the other, pulling it over in the process. Then the host tree died off, leaving just the roots of the parasitic tree. The effect is of a curtain of roots but it takes a while - the tree is over 500 years old.

The Curtain Fig Tree, Yungaburra.

We then stopped at Millaa Millaa Falls, Zillie Falls and Ellinjaa Falls, taking a tonne of photos in the process.

Manda at Millaa Millaa falls.

Ellinjaa Falls.

The drive to Innisfail took us through some moody landscapes - the clouds were scraping along the hills to our side and while it was cool up here, it was also slightly unnerving to hear thunder. Isn't it the case that lightning strikes the highest points? Get me down to Innisfail!

We only stayed in Innisfail long enough to get a few bits and pieces for the van before continuing on to Mission Beach where we found a powered spot for the van for just $13 a night.