Day 10: Albufeira Old Town

Two days left, and no transport available to us. Well, not entirely true – we still had access to a bitchin' green and yellow BMW powered train type thing! Yep, I'm referring to the old tourist train/tram doohicky that does the circuit between The Strip and the old town. So the plan for today was to head into old town and make the most of whatever the weather cared to give to us. The forecast was rain, so I planned accordingly, wearing long trousers (well, jeans) for the first time. As we made our way towards the train, I felt that sensation of rain drops for the first time in the holiday. The queue for the train was really long, so we did an about-turn and decided to catch the next one (they run every 20 minutes, so it was no great hardship). After a cup of tea and a slice of cake, our 20 minutes were up so we headed back to the stop, but the queue was still long, if not longer, so I decided to join it and wait until we could fit on the limited seating spaces. The clouds and rain from earlier were dissipating, so I spent the next 40 minutes (we didn’t fit on the next train) under the blazing sun, in long trousers, with a bag stuffed with two now completely superfluous jackets. It was good to have the nice weather, I just wished it'd made its mind up a little earlier in the day!

We spent much of the day walking from shop to shop, checking out all the touristy stuff much as we had on the previous visit, but not really buying much. To be honest, we were largely killing time between lunch, evening meals and ad-hoc tea, beer or ice cream stops (well, that's what holidays are all about!). One more day left – still time to do a bit more exploring.

Neon signs on The Strip - almost the last time we'd be seeing these.