Day 2: Chilling!

We had no great plans for today – yesterday's various travels and transfers and the busy previous week were enough to justify a day of chilling out. We spent the day familiarising ourselves with the immediate area, and by immediate I mean that we didn't venture out of our part of town at all (not even to the old town just down the road). Instead, we stuck to wandering up and down The Strip, finding out what the local tourist shops were selling. Invariably in places like these you tend to see the same stuff over and over again, and while there was an element of that, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the tourist tat on offer. I was also on a mission to compare and contrast the numerous car hire company deals.

Where The Strip ends, the steeper hill down to the beach begins. We had heard that it was known as Cardiac Hill on account of the hard climb back up but it didn't look too bad to us. Perhaps we were not on Cardiac Hill after all? The beach at the foot of the hill is Praia de Oura.

Manda on Praia da Oura

We stopped for a moment for photos then made our way back up again. And as for that road name? Crikey, I've walked up broken escalators that were more physically exhausting!

A late night snack before bed time. Ah, the high life, eh?