Friday 15th February

So, we arrived - me, Karen (big sis), Terry (brother in law) and the two kids, Daisy (8) and Toby (6) - on Friday night after a long old tiring 24 hours of flying and waiting. The kids were really good on the plane. In all, there was only about one hour when they got a bit testy just through being completely whacked out.

Malaysian Airlines were very good and kept on bringing round refreshments throughout the flight. No real turbulence, no delays - all good in fact.

Once we got back to Andy's (bruv) flat, everything kicked off - the kids were like hand grenades with the pins pulled. Within one hour the tidy flat was covered with the kids stuff, people and cushions (from the cushion fights, naturally), as we all unwound after being cooped up on the plane. We got to sleep at around 2am, but then of course to us it didn't feel all that late, thanks to the time difference.