Saturday 23rd February

Back in Bondi again. The weather is OK, not stunning - overcast but still warm enough for shorts and t-shirt. Just off for a spot of brekkie and then see what happens. Perhaps a bit of snorkeling in Clovelly Bay. Hopefully, this time Toby will stay clear of the slippery rocks and will come back in one piece!

The big old fat blue grouper in Clovelly..
The big old fat blue grouper in Clovelly.

[later ...] Just been for a snorkel around Clovelly. A bit choppy today - not as calm as it usually is, hence got a few gobfuls of salty water. I spent most of my time there following around a big fat old blue grouper fish. He was almost as long as my arm span and looked like he could feed a family of 6 for a good while. Now there's a thought. Actually, no it's not - there's a sign warning of a very hefty fine for spearing any groupers in the bay, including 3 months imprisonment. I love it out here, but I'm not that desperate to stay!. In fact, the laws were passed following the killing in January of 'Bluey', a grouper that was almost a personality at Clovelly - a well known regular.

This evening we managed to get out together - me, Andy & Jackie, Karen & Terry - while Andy's lodger (when he's not being kicked out for relatives' visits!) Chris & Kirsty did baby-sitting duty. We headed off to a venue called 'thebasement' (joined up words intentional), one of Sydney's premiere live music venues (if not the premiere venue). Had we been there one day earlier we would have been rubbing shoulders with Bill Clinton and Will Smith. Not sure whether they were together - perhaps Will was taking notes. He has said in the past that he would be proud to become the first black president of the US. Not sure BC is the best person to take as a role model though! I read in the paper that Will's entourage was bigger than Bill's. Any angle they can get, eh?