Saturday 16th February

This morning we planned to take it easy - a late rise, a light snack and a mooch down to the beach. The surf at Bondi looked too much for the kids though, so we headed off down to Clovelly beach which is much more family-friendly. The water is a favourite with snorkelers - very clear, plenty of fish to see, and very calm.

Picture of Ian just under the surface of the water at Clovelly
The pied piper of Clovelly - feeding the fish in Clovelly Bay.

While I headed off to follow the fishies around underwater, Toby managed to become a casualty early on. Not five minutes after being in the water, he slipped on some rocks landing face first and knocked out a tooth. Thankfully it was an already wobbly baby tooth, so it could have been worse. At the time, though, it did look worse as he was bleeding profusely from the mouth and nose. Our trip to Clovelly was cut short as we came back to the flat, Toby sucking on a rubber glove filled with iced water and looking very fat-lipped!

He was OK after a couple of hours though, and was soon asking Andy if he could 'do a bit of wrestling' later. Fearless is the best way to describe young Toby!

Seen on Campbell Parade: a removals firm called Nuss. Apparently it's a family business, and his sons also work for the company. Their names are Andrew and Peter. Cruel parents. Work it out ...