Wednesday 27th February

Just trying to decide what to do for my birthday. Current plan is to do the Bridge Climb at sunset. Did it before and thought it was great, but not too sure how the weather will hold out this time. Andy has said this is the last time he'll be doing one - he's already gone up there twice before! After that, the evening, as holiday tours like to say, is 'at my leisure'.

We'll probably head out to a club somewhere for some good music, but I'll have to leave that one up to big bruv to choose - I've no idea what DJs are worth their salt over here.

Another day spent on Bondi for me, or at least part of it. A bit of body boarding in full wetsuit to keep off the sun. A bag of chips to keep me going. High class stuff, eh?

In the evening we had planned a night out at the Regis - one of the big Bondi pubs - but ended up just staying in. Jackie was originally supposed to be leaving tomorrow but was able to delay the flight until Sunday, so the 'last night out' never was. Everyone was too whacked out, by the sounds of it!