Monday 18th February

Another day with Manda - while her parents were doing a tour of the city, I went to meet Manda at her hotel, then headed off to the Rocks for a while. I was disappointed that the market stalls were not open - aside from these, there are not a huge amount of shops in the area.

We then went off up to the bridge pylon lookout. Although we had both done the bridge climb before, we had not been able to take our own photos (nothing is allowed up on the bridge with you). However, in the pylon you can take snaps with your own camera. Unfortunately it was a grey day, but I snapped away anyway.

Afterwards we headed over to the Opera House for a coffee break and mulled over what to do next. We had talked about heading over to Bondi so that Manda could say hello to Andy & co, but it had taken me a while to fight my way over to town in the morning. To go to Bondi, stay for a while then head back would have taken up a lot of time, and Manda was going to head back to the hotel at 6pm for a meal with her folks followed by a night-time tour of the city. We decided to stay local and take it easy.

Evening - chilled out at the flat, packed ready for next adventure: tropical Cairns, Queensland.