Monday 25th February

Just taking an easy day today - Terry, Karen & the kids have headed off to the Blue Mountains for a few days, they should be back just in time for my birthday (Thursday), and as the weather is not up to much, a bit overcast, I've stayed in Bondi. Just trying to plan a couple of days' dives before the others get back.

It was a miserable old day. When I went into the Internet Cafe, it was hot and sunny, when I came out it was chucking it down, and stayed that way for the rest of the day. With the others already headed off to the Blue Mountains, I was pretty much house bound. Well, I could have taken a bus, but where to? It would be raining if I went in to the city? It wasn't really a swimming day. I ended up falling asleep for a couple of hours on the sofa while the rains came down, and watched a couple of films on Foxtel. The weird thing about Foxtel is that they don't have a watershed for its films and TV shows - it's completely reliant on a parental control block. So, there I was watching American Psycho at 3 in the afternoon (if you've seen the film, you'll know it's definitely not afternoon kids' viewing!).

In the evening, we watched a film called The Pledge, which seemed to be based on a book that I read for my German A-level called Die Judenbuche. Worth a look, if you like Jack Nicholson.